Here are the   recent   most frequently asked questions:

1) How long is your queue?  Please check under the Longarm Quilting Services Page for the most up-to-date schedule information.   /longarm-quilting-services/quilting-schedule-2/

2) How much extra fabric to add to backing and batting?  I ask for 3″ extra on each side.  (Length +6″, Width + 6″)  for both  /longarm-quilting-services/quilt-preparation-quilting-decisions/

3) What are the dimension of a Throw Quilt vs a Twin Quilt?   Throw size – roughly 51″ x 64″  /  Twin Size – roughly “63” x 87″  /longarm-quilting-services/quilt-sizes/

4) Do you still make t-shirt quilts?     Yes, I make one custom t-shirt quilt per month.  Call early to drop of shirts and a deposit to reserve your place in the queue!

5) What kind of batting do you have?   Dream Cotton, Dream Puff, Hobbs 80/20, Warm & Natural, Black 80/20  /longarm-quilting-services/batting-choices/