Memory Quilts

Memory & T-Shirt Quilts

The possibilities are endless and make wonderful gifts for family and friends:

  • College Days  /  High School Activities
  • Athletics / Music / Theater
  • Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts
  • Travel & Vacations  / Races & Walks
  • Sporting Events
  • Family Memorabilia  /  Clothing items

How many shirts?

From 20 to 25 (or more) t-shirts will make a throw size to queen size quilt.

Should I cut up the shirts?

No. I will add a fusible backing to the shirt back before cutting.

Do shirts need to be the same size?

All different size shirts and graphics may be used to produce blocks of the same size (12”-15”) or variable size blocks.

Can I include sweatshirts?

Yes, memory quilts may include t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other types of fabrics that can be sewn and washed. (Exceptions: stretchy dance costumes and bulky golf sweaters)

Should I wash the shirts before sending?

Please wash and dry them (even new shirts) but do not use dryer sheets. Remember that any stains in your shirts will be in your quilt.

Can the quilt have borders?

Extra borders can be added. Check with me for fabric choices.

Do I supply the fabric?

I prefer to select fabrics that coordinate with your shirts, but will use your fabric if desired.

What is the cost?

The cost is based on the number of shirt blocks.  This price includes everything except your shirts!  This includes high quality 100% cotton fabrics, poly/cotton batting, label on the back, and professional machine quilting all over the quilt.

What is the timing?

The typical delivery time is 10–12 weeks depending on the current queue.  Holiday cut off date is October 1st.